Congratulations, Class of 2021!

After four years of hard work and an unprecedented final year, graduates of the College of Arts & Sciences are crossing the finish line. We hope these familiar faces and messages from classmates can help mark their achievements.

In your words: What places and moments will you remember?


"Throughout these past four years, the Sumers Rec Center has been the most constant space in my life at WashU. There, I've seen myself blossom from a freshman, scared of the weight floor, to a senior in a leadership role. It's been a wonderful source of growth and positivity." - Kathleen White

"My favorite place on campus is Graham Chapel. I have such fond memories of watching my friends on the Visions Choir performing there every year." - Jisue Kang

"My favorite place on campus is Brookings Quad as it is always peaceful and quiet with the sun shining and a light breeze. It reminds of tranquility." - Anneliese Ceisel

"Olin Library is my favorite place on campus; I always see friends and familiar faces when I go there." - Deja Henry

"I really love the pathway that shows the geological history of Missouri, and also the Art and Architecture library." - Jonathan Cher

"My favorite place is the field on the South40. I used to see the best sky views from there." - Coumba Tall

"There is nothing quite like having a campus as beautiful as ours. From the butterfly garden in the spring to the reflection of the sunset off Hillman’s large windows, there is beauty all over this campus." - Dani Wilder

"O1 will forever and always have a special place in my heart. It was there for me while I cried about comp sci, applied for endless internships, ate another rice, bean, and cheese DUC quesadilla, and as I talked with friends for hours as we avoided doing homework." - Grace Hass-Hill

"The new East End has little competition.  It's so beautiful and sometimes I go to campus just to walk around over there and think about how pretty the school is.  But, for studying, I'd have to say the law library..." - Rachel Broomer



"My favorite days on campus every year were the first days of good weather in the spring, when everyone is outside on Mudd Field all day. The happiness among students is always truly palpable." - Keishi Foecke

"Some of my favorite memories include sledding at Art Hill, representing the University as an Admissions intern for a summer, spending late nights in the Studlife office with the news team, taking Focus: Modern Literary Culture of Ireland, and making friends on my freshman floor." - Kathleen White

"My favorite memory from senior year was singing with friends at World's Pavilion in the freezing cold and rain because we wanted to meet safely. It didn't matter that we were uncomfortable. We just wanted to see one another." - Jisue Kang

"My favorite memories are staying up late with my close friends and watching movies and television shows after a long week." - Deja Henry

"My favorite memories are sitting down with strangers for dinner. I got to learn about their life, passions and goals. I found some really good buddies that way. I also prayed for them. Going out on the Loop or elsewhere with friends became a special time to know people and see the city." - Kelcie Ford

"My favorite memories involve being with the track and field team and dinners at BD with friends." - Ekaolise Jose

"My favorite memories have to be returning to campus each year and seeing friends that I haven't seen in months.  There's nothing quite like running into your friends on campus and realizing you've got the whole semester to spend together!" - Rachel Broomer

"Some of my favorite memories include moments of finding out what I am truly capable of (both academically and in vivo), conversations with friends that somehow end up lasting hours, late night walks on Wash U's beautiful campus, exploring St. Louis restaurants, and feeling alive." - Alli Hollender